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The Model 3 was a huge game changer for Tesla and proved to be an extremely popular car worldwide. As of the end of 2023, we have now worked on over 100 Teslas doing a variety of services for owners all across North QLD. We also purchased our own blue Tesla Model 3 in 2021 to be more involved in the community and to have a perfect test vehicle to constantly expand our services for this vehicle. Here you will find our constantly growing range of what we can do for this vehicle with pricing for both the Model 3 and Y.

Xpel XR & XR+ Ceramic Window Tinting

Both the Model 3 and Model Y have a lot of glass, exposing you to the harsh NQ Sun. Whether you are primarily looking at tinting your windows for privacy or blocking out as much of the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared (IR) heat, we have numerous options available. In the past, keeping cool meant choosing a darker shade of tint, however with modern, true ceramic window films, ultra-high performance is achievable without reducing outbound visibility.

Xpel XR Ceramic Window Tint – Back and sides
Our most popular window film option from Xpel with amazing performance, at a competitive price. Available in multiple darkness shades, all blocking 99% UV and having an incredible 78% IR rejection. While the Model Y does come with privacy glass from factory on the rear windows (unlike the Model 3), we still recommend tinting with a light shade of ceramic tint to block heat and UV.


Xpel XR PLUS Ceramic Window Tint – Back and sides
The pinnacle of high performance tint to keep your Tesla as cool as possible. Offering 98% IR heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nano particle technology and 99% UV rejection, XR PLUS combines a cool look with extreme performance which is the reason it is the tinting industries leading film. By insulating your windows, blocking as much solar energy as possible, your air-con won’t have to work as hard on a hot day resulting in better range from your EV. Unlike some window tint, Xpel XR PLUS will not interfere with radio, cellular or Bluetooth signals.



Xpel XR+ clear windscreen film – Stops a huge amount of heat, UV and glare coming through your big windscreen $349
Xpel XR+ clear sunroof film – Stops a huge amount of heat and UV coming through the roof $299 Model 3 or $399 Model Y
Xpel XR front only Model Y – if you are simply wanting to tint the two front windows for privacy to match the privacy glass – $199

❓ When researching tinting a Tesla, you will definitely come across certain shops simply not wanting to tint them, telling you certain things can’t be done, doing the rear window in two pieces on a Model 3 with a join, or that your glass will crack. The majority of this comes from a lack of experience or understanding, as there are definitely a few quirks with tinting them compared to other vehicles. Please contact us for any further information or concerns you might have and our tinting team will be more than happy to answer all our your questions.


Interior Protection Package

To protect your interior from spills and make cleaning easier, a complete interior treatment of your leather, fabric and plastics is a must, especially on the white leather available on the Tesla. Concentrated with UV absorbers and high chemical resistance, these coatings preserves your dashboard, seats and trims from premature discoloration, cracking and aging. Offsets (does not completely stop) color transfer, staining and normal wear-and-tear.

Gyeon Leathershield applied to leather while Gyeon Fabric Coat is applied to fabric.
For the white interior we highly recommend this treatment.


Gyeon Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Packages

Gyeon has been one of the main innovators in the ceramic car care world since 2012 and to this day is regarded as one of the highest technology formulas in the industry, with long lasting protection for your paintwork. The slickness of their ceramic coatings makes washing and drying your vehicle easy while offering incredible UV and chemical protection from the environment. The added candy gloss their coatings give to your paintwork can only be matched by big dollar carnauba waxes, however the coating will last for years, not months or weeks like traditional products.

Gyeon Infinite EVO certified series ceramic coating (Can be upgraded to also include Gyeon’s Infinite EVO Top Coat as well)
5-10 year real world durability with incredible performance
Very low maintenance required with no annual inspections necessary
Protects your vehicle from our harsh NQ weather while making cleaning easier and faster
Extremely slick and super-hydrophobic properties 


Xpel Ultimate+ Full Front Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The main impact area of your car is the front end from the mirrors forward. Our perfectly computer cut template for your Tesla will barely be visible and protect the paintwork from stone chips and scratches. The self healing top coat of the film prevents unsightly swirl marks from appearing and will keep your paintwork looking like new for the next 10+ years.

Covers bonnet, bumper, headlights, front guards and mirrors
Perfectly cut CAD drawings for your Tesla that have been fine tuned by us over the years from many Tesla installations
Front badge and side cameras professional removed and reinstalled after installation for a seamless finish with wrapped edges where possible
10 year nation wide warranty that is also approved by the majority of insurance companies
Self healing top coat stops fine scratches and swirls forming, a must on a black car!

$2,499 Model 3
$2,599 Model Y

Xpel Ultimate+ Full Front PPF & Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Combo

The most popular combination of protection chosen by our customers, combining the front end stone chip protection from Xpel’s paint protection film with the slick and and hydrophobic ceramic coating from Gyeon. We also ceramic coat the top of the film with a PPF specific ceramic coating designed to perfectly bond with it so the entire vehicles performs the same way, making washing and drying extremely easy.

A saving of $500 bundling the Full Front PPF and ceramic coating packages
Front end first wrapped and then whole vehicle ceramic coated including film
Most popular package chosen by our customers due to the great value for money to protect the whole vehicle


Xpel Ultimate+ Full Vehicle PPF (Gloss)

For customers wanting the ultimate stone chip and scratch protection package, then wrapping the whole vehicle will be your priority. Tesla’s do tend to chip their paint quite easily. Popular option for owners with solid black paintwork, as the soft paint shows scratches and swirls incredibly easy.

Perfectly cut CAD drawings for your Tesla that have been fine tuned by us over the years from many Tesla installations
Minor disassembly of your vehicle required for a more seamless finish (no full panel removal required so no nasty rattles and alignment issues)
10 year nation wide warranty that is also approved by the majority of insurance companies
Self healing top coat stops fine scratches and swirls forming, a must on a black car!

$6,800 Model 3
$7,300 Model Y

Xpel Stealth Full Vehicle PPF (Satin Conversion)

Want to transform your gloss paintwork to a very modern satin finish as available on many high end exotic vehicles? Xpel’s Stealth paint protection film features a frosted clear finish, that when applied to your paintwork, transforms it from gloss to semi gloss (satin). All of this while protecting your paintwork from stone chips and scratches. If you want to give your Tesla a completely different look, then this is for you. (Our own blue Model 3 is wrapped in Xpel Stealth PPF if you wish to view it).

Perfectly cut CAD drawings for your Tesla specifically tailored for a satin conversion
Minor disassembly of your vehicle required for a more seamless finish (no full panel removal required).
10 year nation wide warranty that is also approved by the majority of insurance companies
If you are buying a black or grey car we highly recommend the Stealth finish!

$7,500 Model 3
$8,000 Model Y

Xpel Fusion PPF Ceramic Coating

If you have gone to the effort of wrapping your whole vehicle in Xpel PPF we recommend ceramic coating the film with Xpel Fusion to make washing and drying incredibly easier. This ceramic coating from Xpel is specifically designed to bond to their Ultimate+ and Stealth PPF making the film super-hydrophobic and easier to clean. While there are films available (including Xpel) that have ceramic coatings built into the top coat, manually applying a ceramic coating as opposed to it being done at the manufacturing level gives a far greater lifespan to the coating itself. The costs of film with coatings built in vs manually applying them at the end is nearly the same so it’s more beneficial having them manually applied post installation.

Discounted rate due to the vehicle being fully wrapped in Xpel
Makes washing and drying of the car incredibly easy due to the hydrophobic nature of the coating

+$800 To Full Vehicle PPF Price

Black Badge Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Tesla badges to full replacement black ones so they match the black window trims and door handles on your vehicle. Available as factory replacement black letter “T” and as the “TESLA” wording on the back. Optional black “DUAL MOTOR” badge also available.

A cheap little upgrade that is very popular with our customers, especially the rear TESLA wording as found on the new Model 3 Highland!
Full replacement OEM style badges, not the tacky thick black plastic covers that go over the original silver ones

Front and rear $150 Installed
Additional DUAL MOTOR badge for Long Range and Performance models $50 installed

Xpel Smoked PPF Headlights

While most owners get the normal clear Xpel Ultimate+ paint protection film put onto their headlights to stop sanding blasting and yellowing of the plastic, you can also use the Xpel Smoked film to give your headlights a more aggressive tinted look. Available in a light smoke, dark smoke and also yellow PPF. Computer cut to shape for a perfect fitment.

Give your Tesla an aggressive look while also protecting your headlights from damage and yellowing
Computer cut to shape for a perfect fitment
Available in light and dark smoked PPF (please note dark smoke does lower light output noticeably at night)


Aluminium Pedal Upgrade

Have standard rubber pedals in your Tesla and want a nice upgrade to your interior that also feels a little nicer on the feet?

An inexpensive upgrade that gives your interior a more premium look and feel

$99 Installed

Xpel Stealth PPF Touch Screen Protector

Finger prints show very easily on the Tesla touch screen from constant use and scratching the screen accidentelly is a real possibility. A cheap solution is to install Xpel’s self healing Stealth PPF touch screen protector, which has a satin finish to drastically cut down fingerprints.

Satin finish that drastically reduces fingerprints and cuts down glare
Protects from accidental fingernail scratches

$49 Installed

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