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Townsville’s award winning bespoke paint protection and tinting studio, specialising in ceramic coatings, self healing paint protection film (PPF), window tinting, vehicle customisation and many other services for new and used vehicles.

Gyeon and Opti-Coat Ceramic Paint Protection

As one of the oldest and most experienced studios in North Queensland doing ceramic coatings since 2014, we are proud to be the only studio in Australia certified by both the world’s top leading ceramic manufacturers, Gyeon and Opti-Coat. Our purpose built, climate controlled clean room, gives us full control of environmental conditions required to give the most optimum temperature and humidity conditions for applying professional high-solid ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings are also typically referred to as “glass coatings”, “quartz coatings”, “nano-ceramic coatings” and many more.


Xpel Self Healing Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Townsville and Cairns only certified and factory trained self healing Xpel paint protection film (PPF) studio. A completely clear, urethane film which is designed to absorb impacts and scratches, is the best protection currently available for your vehicle. The top layer is a special self healing polymer, which can re-level itself if scratched simply by leaving the vehicle out in the sun. With a thickness of 215 microns, it is over three times the thickness of many factory clear coats. Xpel is computer cut to shape using a vehicle database of over 80,000 patterns. Installations are backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Available in a gloss and satin (semi-gloss) finish.

Window Tinting

Our clean room provides one of the best low dust environments in Townsville for high quality window tint installations. We only use high quality carbon or ceramic films that can withstand our extreme NQ environment and give maximum possible heat rejection. Our exclusive Xpel XR+ ceramic window film rejects the highest amount of solar rays and glare in the industry.

Paint Correction

With age, every vehicle starts losing gloss in the paintwork due to wash marks (AKA swirl marks), oxidation, water marks or other environmental conditions. Our paint correction packages allow us to permanently remove these imperfections from your paintwork through machine polishing and dramatically increase the gloss and depth levels of the paintwork. Most owners do not realise how much their paint work has aged until we show them a 50:50 tape line. Depending on the condition of the paintwork a single stage of correction or multiple stages may be required.

Headlight Restorations

Given the extreme strength of UV in North QLD, bad headlights are a common sight on the road and can take away from the overall aesthetic look of a vehicle. More importantly however it will drastically lower the amount of light your headlights transmit onto the road leading to poor night time driving experiences and can also cause a failure for a roadworthy certificate. Our headlight restoration and protection packages can completely reverse this damage and stop it from happening in the future. Headlight customisation options with film are also available.

Motorcycle Packages

Motorcycles need lots of care and love just like cars do, however can require more specialised care due to having more exposed and delicate metal and leather components. Many motorbikes also have factory satin or matte paintwork which requires it’s own special care and treatment. Finally we also have treatments to help maintain your riding gear. Need a special photo shoot done for your bike? Our studio can be hired out to capture some amazing photos.

Vehicle Customisation

Bought a vehicle and want to change the appearance of it? We have many in house options available from full vehicle Xpel Stealth satin PPF installations, to give your vehicle that matte look, smoked headlights/tail lights, blacked out badges and trims and more! Working in conjunction with our colleagues next door at Mag Medic, we can have your wheels or calipers repainted to any colour you like. We are always adding new services to this section so keep an eye on anything new we might add or simply talk to us about what you are thinking of doing.

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