Motorcycle Packages

Motorcycles need lots of care just like cars do. We have a range of treatments, including ceramic coatings, which are specific for the type of care a motorcycle needs. Whether it’s a Ducati Panigale or a Harley Davidson Softail, we will take care of all areas of protecting your pride and joy.

If you have any questions about a package please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Package

For customers wanting to protect their motorbike long term, these ceramic coatings offer the best possible form of chemical protection for your bike, with many amazing properties such as long lasting UV protection, incredible water beading and sheeting behaviours, a slick surface which helps to keep the bike clean and also allows for easier washing and drying. At the same time these coatings give an amazing glass like gloss to the paintwork that can only be matched by very pure and expensive carnauba waxes.  This coating has to be layered to bond properly and must be IR cured as well, hence it’s certified only application to ensure high standards are met.

 The bike is thoroughly detailed and machine polished to remove imperfections in the paintwork.
Gyeon Primer is applied to all painted surfaces.
 Gyeon Duraflex with separate base coat and top coat applied to all painted surfaces.
 Gyeon Trim applied to plastics.
 Gyeon Leathershield applied to seat.

 Motorcycle baked under IR lamp to cure coating.
 5+ year lifespan with a 5 year warranty
 Certified application only

$499-$699 [2 days required]