What are “Gyeon Quartz Cloth” Coatings?

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A Gyeon Quartz coating is a protection system based on Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) aka Quartz. It has been developed into liquid form with a solvent holding it in this state. Once applied to a vehicle, the solvent evaporates leaving behind an extremely hard and durable Quartz layer. Ths is the most sophisticated technology in car protection that has so far been developed. It has been previously exploited by the most demanding consumers in the electronic industry but this compound is now introduced in a unique form to the automotive industry by the Gyeon brand. Special chemical processes are used to blend Silicon Dioxide with a suitable mixture of solvents which allows its application onto the surface of paintwork. The crucial properties of the Quartz coating are its ability to boost the total hardness of the paint and to increase it up to the level of 9H (hardness of the coating determined by Mohs scale) as well as its thickness, being one of the only coatings which has a measurable thickness up to 1.5 microns (not just claimed). The most critical, however, is the structural integrity that the layer displays. After having vaporized all the solvents contained in the product, the layer becomes firm, solid as well as very hard and highly durable. Due to the Quartz coating’s thickness, all the scratching and fading, which may appear during washing or as a result of extensive deposition to caustic substances e.g. bird droppings, do not reach the paint, leaving its surface intact. Due to very small molecules tightly bounded together, any disarrangement of the structural integrity by external factors is technically impossible. The only way to remove the coating is by means of professional compounding with abrasives and therefore it can be classed as a permanent layer due to the end user not being able to easily remove it.



A Quartz coating is a liquid, SiObased medium which protects painted automotive surfaces. Traditional waxes contain, in most cases, the Carnauba wax of Brazilian palm trees, beeswax or polymer type, synthetic waxes.


Natural waxes or mixtures of natural and synthetic waxes are characterized primarily by high oiliness resulting in a wet look finish. Yet due to their structure, they are not resistant to strong detergents used in many car wash shampoos. Furthermore waxes are exposed to fast dissolution by chemical contaminants, road salt or bird droppings. Their oiliness, desirable in terms of appearance, translates also into a troublesome and tedious rubbing off the product after evaporation of the solvents. It may also leave smudges or off-white sediment that can be hard to remove.


Very high structural integrity of the quartz coating prevents damage by external factors, such as strong chemicals and detergents, bird droppings and road salt. So strong is the structure of the coating that it is resistant to chemicals from pH 2-11. Due to the coatings specific thickness and substantial hardness it protects the automotive paint from scratching which commonly happens during the washing and drying procedure (what we call swirl marks). The extra added benefit to the coating is that it provides very high clarity and transparency, creating an extremely glossy and deep finish to the paint, something that even a lot of high end carnauba waxes can not achieve. The following picture shows the Gyeon coating once it has completely hardened (our suede applicator pads have to get thrown out after every use due to going rock hard!).



The table below shows the most common external factors, by comparison to a wax, with a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is a total failure, and 10 is full protection against a specific factor). As you can see, every factor is much better with coatings with the most drastic difference being that waxes offer no scratch resistance and very low abrasion resistance.



As a certified Gyeon detailer, we offer a 5 year warranty on Gyeon’s MOHS+ Quartz coating. This however does not mean that the coating only last 5 years as like all coatings, waxes or sealants, durability completely depends on how the vehicle is used and cared for. A vehicle which is taken out once a month to a car show and kept protected inside of a garage will easily last many years more then one which is driven 7 days a week and lives outside on a driveway. Therefore it is difficult to say that product “X” lasts for 12 months, as the conditions vary from every single vehicle and owner. What we can say with certainty is these coatings are the longest lasting form of protection available on the market.

Please understand that nothing lasts for ever and it is extremely well documented in the car care world. Any one that offers a “lifetime warranty” on a car care protection product is either lying through their teeth, has fallen victim to the sales pitch from the manufacturer, or the fine print on the contract has that many conditions and loopholes that the warranty means absolutely nothing. Most paint protections offered by dealerships with a lifetime warranty state in the contract that the product must be reapplied every 12 months at the owners cost to keep the warranty. This is simply a synthetic sealant being used which will last under 12 months (most actually last less then 6) which you then have to pay to have reapplied, so how is that a lifetime warranty? If you would like to know more on this please read our other article on “The truth behind Lifetime Warranty Paint Protection”.



Due to significant, self-cleaning properties of the Quartz coating, washing the car becomes much easier. Dirt adheres to the Quartz layer more slowly than to paint protected with wax or a sealant, and its removal does often not even require detergents, only a blast of water. This means that the vehicle stays cleaner for longer and therefore doesn’t require as much maintenance. Using products such as Gyeon Bathe + shampoo or Gyeon Wetcoat spray boosts the coatings durability and with regular use extends the life of the coating dramatically.

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When taking into account all of these characteristics, such as durability, total hardness, easiness of every-day maintenance and the gloss factor, a Gyeon quartz coating is an obvious choice for a customer demanding the best in automotive care. If you would like any more information about these Quartz coatings please don’t hesitate to contact us today.