We offer a range of bespoke vehicle treatments in our studio with packages to suit even the most fastidious owner. Our treatments have been evolved over the years to work with our “correct, protect and maintain” philosophy to ensure paintwork is cleaned and decontaminated adequately before any correction or protection treatments are undertaken, for maximum gloss levels to be achieved for each package. Our low volume vehicle approach means we focus on qaulity, rather than quantity. We use leading car care products from brands such as Gyeon, Swissvax, Menzerna, Rupes, Dodo Juice and more to achieve our results.

As one of the oldest and most experienced studios in North Queensland doing ceramic coatings since 2014, we are proud to be the only studio in Australia certified by both the world’s top leading ceramic manufacturers, Gyeon and Opti-Coat. Our purpose built, climate controlled clean room, gives us full control of environmental conditions required to give the most optimum temperature and humidity conditions for applying professional high-solid ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings are also typically referred to as “glass coatings”, “quartz coatings”, “nano-ceramic coatings” and many more. These are simply synonyms for the same family of products and are mainly used in marketing to try and differentiate themselves from others. Silicon-dioxide (SiO2) is the base carrier chemical that all these products are made from but varying quality, concentration, manufacturing process and list of many mixed in additives alter the characteristics and performance of these coatings. While the coating is important, the way in which it is applied, cured and how the vehicle is prepped is the most important part of the process. Even the best coatings in the world will fail prematurely if the installation is poor or rushed.

We are the only business in North QLD certified and factory trained in Xpel paint protection film (PPF). This high tech, almost invisible, urethane film, is designed to absorb impacts and scratches while offering easier vehicle maintenance. The special nature of the film allows energy to disperse throughout the middle layer of the film and protect the paintwork underneath. This allows even quite strong impacts to not damage the vehicles paintwork as it is absorbed by the film (much like how a kevlar vest works). The top layer is a special self healing polymer, which can re-level itself if scratched. This self healing process can be rapidly sped up by leaving the vehicle in direct sunlight or applying heat through other means such as a hair dryer or hot water. What this also means is no swirlmarks will stay in the film from improper washing and drying. With a thickness of 215 microns, it is over three times the thickness of many factory clear coats which protect your coloured base coat. Xpel is computer cut to shape using a vehicle database of over 80,000 patterns. Installations are backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Our clean room provides one of the best low dust environments in Townsville for high quality window tint installations. We only use high quality carbon or ceramic films that can withstand our extreme NQ environment. A lot of places use cheaper dyed film to keep costs down that change colour from UV exposure and bubble with age. All of our window tinting comes with a lifetime warranty.

Received a nice dent in shopping center? Utilising a series of levers, leverage can be applied from the inside of a cavity to carefully massage the stretched metal back to its original shape without causing damage to the paintwork.

Motorcycles need lots of care just like cars do. We have a range of treatments, including ceramic coatings, which are specific for the type of care a motorcycle needs. Whether it’s a Ducati Panigale or a Harley Davidson Softail, we will take care of all areas of protecting your pride and joy.

Yellow headlights never look good and reduce light output onto the road at night time. A headlight restoration is affordable to do and will completely transform the way your vehicle looks. With the headlight clarity restored, we then ceramic coat the headlights and IR cure them to give you a 12 month warranty on the work carried out. If you want the ultimate long term protection, Xpel PPF can be applied to the headlights to not only protect them from rock chips, but will also stop any form of yellowing for the 10 year lifespan of the film.