Window Tinting

We specialise in window tinting luxury vehicles where extreme care is taken in removing trims to access the glass. Our climate controlled clean room allows for our installations to have a much lower contamination amount under the film to give a better installation. Using high quality carbon and ceramic tint gives our customers peace of mind that they are getting the highest quality installation possible.

There are five types of window tint in order of performance and cost they go:

Dyed Tint
Metalised Tint
Hybrid Tint
Carbon Tint
Ceramic Tint

While dyed tint and metalised tint may be a cost effective option offered to you, we do not recommend them. Dyed tint does not last in the North QLD heat and starts to lift within a few years and due to all modern vehicles being packed with electronics, metalised tint can interfere with phone and GPS signals, especially aerials that are integrated into the rear glass.

Carbon Window Film

Does not bubble and fade like dyed film and has a good looking dark finish. Blocks 99% of UV and around 40% of IR heat. A great option for all vehicles and great value for money.

Available in 35%, 20% and 5% film options.


Ceramic Window Film

The highest quality of window tint film that contains ceramic particles to act as a solid barrier to block the highest amount of heat. The highest performing type of film that blocks 99% UV and 80%+ IR heat. Will not intefere with radio, cellular or bluetooth signals.

Available in 35%, 20% and 5% film options.