Vehicle: 2014 Mazda 3 SP25 GT

Package: Paint Correction + Gyeon Quartz Coating

Condition:  A one year old vehicle which had been maintained extremely well for a daily driver. Some holograms were visible on the bonnet from the dealership and the vehicle was covered in light water mark etching. Customer wanted the vehicle to look absolutely flawless and wanted the car to look like a perfect mirror. Challenge accepted!

Process: Vehicle was decontaminated with a foam bath and then washed with the two bucket method. Entire vehicle was then clayed to remove any embedded contamination and taped up ready for paint correction. Paint depth was measured to be extremely thin for a new car so extra precautions were taken to not go to heavy during the first compounding stage. Menzerna PF2500 was used with a rotary polisher and foam cutting pad on the entire vehicle to remove all the paint defects and finished off with a dual action polisher, Menzerna SF4000 and a finishing pad. A lot of time was taken during the paint correction stage (two full days all up) to ensure an absolutely show worthy finish.

Next the vehicle was cleaned off with Gyeon Prep to remove any polishing oils and prepared for two layers of Gyeon Mohs + followed by Gyeon Cure. During curing all external plastics were coated with Gyeon Trim and the wheels were protected with Nanolex Sealant. Once curing was complete the entire vehicle was covered in two layers of Dodo Juice’s Purple Haze just for that extra cherry on top.

Once completed the finish was breathtaking with the most depth and gloss we have ever done on a black car!

Time Taken: Approx 32 hours