Vehicle: 2014 Aston Martin Vantage S

Package: Enhancement Detailing Package

Condition: The Aston Martin was in fantastic condition inside and out (as you would expect from a new Aston Martin!), what we mainly wanted to concentrate on was giving every part of the vehicle excellent protection and improving on the little details inside and out.

Process: After decontaminating the vehicle the paintwork was gently cleansed with Dodo Juice Lime Prime. This removed any deeper contamination, while at the same time preparing the paintwork. The next step was applying Dodo Juice’s flagship wax, Supernatural using an ultra soft finger mitt. The carbon fibre rear diffuser and front lip was cleansed with Nanolex Surface Cleaner and followed with an application of Nanolex sealant. The headlights were prepped and coated with Gyeon’s Quartz coating and finally the exhaust tips polished to remove carbon build up. On the inside all the leather (which is 99% of the interior!) was deep cleaned with Duragloss’ Leather Shampoo and followed by Gyeon’s Leathercoat. The engine bay plastics were cleaned using 1Z Einszett’s Deep Plastic Cleaner and followed by Cockpit Premium.

Time Taken: Approx 8 hours.