Vehicle: 2015 Mercedes CLA45 AMG

Package: Gyeon Quartz Coating

Condition: Having to wait one year for a vehicle to be built by AMG and arrive from Germany is definitely not for the impatient buyer, but we believe it was WELL worth the wait for this customer! His 2015 CLA45 AMG is simply stunning.

Obviously with a car like this, you want the best form of protection money can buy and this is where we stepped in to do a Gyeon Quartz coating. We started by fixing up some of the imperfections we found on the vehicle (yep even a brand spanking new AMG) such as swirl marks on the gloss black B-pillars, some scuffs on the gloss black side skirt, glue residue on the drivers side door and some adhesive on each wheel. Nothing major but not good enough for us. We have worked on a new CLA45 AMG last year and found the same imperfections, so knew what to look for.

Process: After properly decontaminating the vehicle and prepping it for the coating, the liquid quartz layers were applied over a 24 hour period. While waiting for the layers to cure, the wheels were coated with Nanolex Matte Sealant, headlights protected with Gyeon Trim and the leather treated with Gyeon Leathercoat. The result was a stunning and extremely protected vehicle for years to come.

Time Taken: Approx. 15 hours