Vehicle: 2015 Panigale R

Package: Gyeon Quartz Coating

Condition: The first Australian delivered Panigale R straight off the showroom floor.

Process: After carefully washing and drying the Panigale’s paintwork a degreasing agent was used on the wheels to remove the chain grease which had covered the wheels. The entire bike was then clayed to remove any contamination and wiped down with Gyeon Prep to ensure a spotless finish for the coating to bond to. The three stages of the coating were applied (Mohs, Phobic and Cure) over a 24 hour period. The wheels were also wiped down with Gyeon Prep prior to receiving Gyeon’s Rim coating. Finally the headlights were coated with Gyeon Trim.

Time Taken: Approx 7 hours (not including curing time)