Vehicle: 2014 VF HSV R8

Package: Gyeon Quartz Coating + Gyeon Leather Coating

Condition:  Like a lot of brand new vehicles, especially dark colours, some flaws can be found in the paintwork from the pre-delivery detail. Some light swirls throughout the paintwork and holograms were taking away some of the gloss and depth in the paintwork. Two light scratches were also found that needed to be properly removed. It is essential that the paintwork is flawless as the Gyeon Quartz coating will “lock in” any imperfections.

Process: Properly decontaminating the paintwork is essential because even though it is a brand new vehicle, it will still have traces of whatever polishes/glazes may have been applied at a dealership level during the pre-sale detail. Once a two stage decontamination was performed, the vehicle was ready to receive it’s three stage Gyeon Quartz Cloth coating protecting it from light scratches, UV, bird droppings and overall giving it a deeper shine and easier to maintain properties. A leather coating on the leather was also performed to protect it from staining, UV and increase its resistance to abrasion.

Time Taken: Approx 13 hours