Vehicle: 2014 Subaru BRZ

Package: Paint Correction

Condition: The BRZ/86 are fantastic cars, however like most modern Japanese cars have relatively soft paint which is easy scratched and swirled. Luckily they have a good amount of paint depth from factory which allows us to do a good amount of correction work to remove any imperfections.

Process: After a two bucket wash, the vehicle was clayed to remove imbedded contamination and then taped up ready for paint correction. Our trusty 4″ pad/polisher combinations worked great on all the tight areas of the vehicle’s body. For the larger areas such as the bonnet and roof we went back to our standard 5.25″ pad and stronger machine. To finish the paint off and get a bit more gloss out of the black paint, a finishing polish and soft pad was used for that finishing touch. After a isopropyl alcohol wipe down to remove any remaining residue, the vehicle was covered with our favourite Dodo Juice Purple Haze wax. The mixture of Brazilian grade A Carnauba, bees wax and Montan wax was perfect for a black vehicle.

Time Taken: Approx 16 hours