Vehicle: 2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera

Package: Gyeon Quartz Coating

Condition: The Superleggera was brand new however the paintwork did have some very minor imperfections that we wanted to correct prior to applying the layer of Quartz.

Process: After carefully washing the bike, all paintwork was clayed with Dodo Juice Clay and lube. Once rinsed off a Gyeon Silk Drying Towel was used to pat dry the bike and get it ready for taping. All the delicate areas of the bike were protected to ensure no damage could occur during the paint correction stage. Menzerna PF2500 was used on the Rupes LHR75E to refine the surface and remove the slight imperfections. Once done the bike was wiped down with Gyeon Prep to remove any polishing residue and to ensure a clean surface. Gyeon MOHS+ was then layered over the bike’s paintwork while Gyeon Rim was used on the wheels. The headlights were protected with Gyeon Trim and while we were at it so was the matching helmet! This was one extremely special bike that was an absolute joy to work on.

Time Taken: Approx 8 hours (not including curing time)