Vehicle: 2013 A45 AMG

Package: Enhancement Detailing Package

Condition: A stunning condition A45 AMG, however some light swirls and watermarks could be seen in the paintwork which we wanted to remove. Due to having done a few of the A series Mercs now, we knew the key areas to address that let these cars down visually, the ultra soft piano black B pillars and the easily stained matte wheels.

Process: Like always, a two bucket wash was done followed by claying the vehicle to ensure a perfectly clean surface to begin polishing. A single stage correction was done over the vehicle followed by Duragloss’ Bonding Agent and Sealant topped off with Dodo Juice wax. The pillars were carefully corrected using a very fine Menzerna finishing polish. These pillars are very easy to scratch and hologram so extra care has to be taken when polishing to not put too much heat into them. We spend a lot of time getting these wheels right by first deironising them with Gyeon Iron, then degreasing with 1Z Einszett and an assortment of brushes, followed by cleaning with isopropyl alcohol before doing the Nanolex Matte coating. The tyres were also degreased and then coated with Gyeon Tyre. This is then heated to ensure proper curing.

Time Taken: Approx 12 hours