Vehicle: 2011 C63 AMG

Package: Gyeon Quartz Wheel Coating + Enhancement Detailing Package

Condition: The C63 was in fantastic condition and paint correction wasn’t really required, however the vehicle could use a general tidy up. German cars tend to have very dusty brake pads that make keeping the wheels clean a nightmare. So for the first time we did Gyeon’s new Quartz coating for wheels (normally have been doing Nanolex’s wheel coatings).

Process: After washing the vehicle the paint was decontaminated using a Dodo Juice clay bar and Dodo Juice clay lube. The wheels were soaked in Gyeon Iron and scrubbed inside and out using a variety of wheel brushes and 1Z degreaser. Once the vehicle was dried the wheels were wiped down with Gyeon Prep and Gyeon Rim was applied. Once done, Gyeon Tyre was applied to the tyres. Finally the tyres and wheels were cured using a hair drier to accelerate the process. Once cured, Gyeon Tyre is completely dry to touch and is a very long lasting tyre shine that doesn’t splatter of. Next the exhaust tips were polished up with Purple Metal Polish and Gyeon Rim applied (yep it is safe to use on tips aswell!).

The paintwork was then sealed off using Duragloss Wet Look Sealant and topped up with some Duragloss Aquawax for that extra bit of gloss. The headlights were coated in Gyeon Trim and the interior was cleaned and plastics protected with 1Z Cockpit.

Time Taken: 7 hours