Vehicle: 2008 VW R32 Golf

Package: Paint Correction + Leather Interior Package

Condition:  With some moderate swirl marks throughout the Golf’s paintwork, heavy baked on brake dust and an interior needing some leather love, this Golf came in to have the lot done.

Process: A lot of time was spent decontaminating the wheels due to the large amount of built up brake dust, which is a very common issue on Euro vehicles due to the brake pads used at an OEM level. The whole vehicle was then decontaminated with a foam bath followed by a two bucket wash. The entire vehicle was clayed and dried, ready to begin the full correction stage. A two stage correction was done on most panels using Menzerna PF2500 and Menzerna SF4000, however a couple of panels were compounded with Menzerna FG500 due to deeper scratches and some staining around the fuel flap. A couple of scratches around the door handles were also wet sanded due to their depth. Finally the vehicle was sealed in Duragloss synthetic polymer sealant.

Time Taken: Approx 15 hours