Vehicle: 2008 Holden VE SSV

Package: Paint Correction

Condition: Like many black cars, this one had horrendous swirl marks throughout and quite a few holograms on the bonnet from a rotary buffer. The owner purchased this car second hand so the full history was unknown but we guess the car had gone through a few car washes in its life due to how bad the swirls were. Remember swirl marks are actually micro scratches in the clear coat and anything even slightly abrasive will scratch the clear (brushes in car washes are the number 1 culprit!). The vehicle also had quite a bit of overspray on it and some deeper isolated scratches here and there.

Process: After a foam decontamination and a two bucket hand wash, the vehicle was completely clayed removing all of the fine over spray. The whole car was then machine compounded with a rotary buffer and Menz FG500. This was then followed by a machine polish with a dual action polisher and Menz PF2500. Finally the car was jewelled with Menz SF4000. This resulted in a perfect finish to the vehicle which was then locked in with a synthetic sealant followed by a Dodo Juice wax. Glossy goodness!

Time Taken: Approx 18 hours