Vehicle: 2007 AC Cobra

Package: Enhancement Detailing Package

Condition: Being owned by an enthusiast, this vehicle was in pristine condition and required very minor work to bring it up a notch.

Process: A very minor correction was done to the paintwork using Menzerna PF2500 to remove the minor swirl marks and slightly oxidised paint. This gave the vehicle that extra bit of gloss. Next the car was polished with Dodo Juice Lime Prime and finally treated with a Dodod Juice wax. The interior was detailed and all leather taken care of by Duragloss Leather Cleaner and Duragloss Leather Conditioner. The rubber seals around the boot and doors were also rejuvenated with 1Z Gummi Pfledge. The metal work had some oxidation and water marks so this was polished with nothing but the best, California Custom Purple Metal Polish.

Time Taken: Approx. 14 hours