Vehicle: 2005 Mercedes C180

Package: Paint Correction + Leather Interior Package

Condition:  When black is not washed correctly over many years, it turns into an absolute swirl covered mess. Judging by the very deep straight line scratches all down the sides of the vehicle in between all the swirls, we believe this vehicle saw a lot of car wash brushes throughout its life. 

Process: After a three stage decontamination to remove all traces of embedded fallout, the entire vehicle went through a lengthy three stage correction. Heavy compounding had to be done to get rid of the deeper scratches, with some being a little too far gone. Once the paintwork was restored a synthetic sealant was applied to give months of protection followed by a high gloss Dodo wax to really make the paintwork pop! The result is a very wet looking, classy vehicle that no longer is a swirl covered mess.

Time Taken: Approx 19 hours