Vehicle: 2004 BA FPV GT-P

Package: Enhancement Detailing Package

Condition:  Overall the vehicle’s condition was above average for a ten year old car. However a lot of UV damage had occurred on the roof, boot and spoiler from having unprotected paintwork for a number of years. The car also had a very rough feel to it due to not being decontaminated in quite some time.

Process: After doing a two stage decontamination on the wheels the entire vehicle was then decontaminated with a foam mixture. Afterwards a two bucket wash method was performed and the whole vehicle clayed. The heavy contamination throughout most of the car was actually red overspray. A single stage machine polish with a medium grade pad and compound was then performed over the entire vehicle however a two stage polish with a heavier compound was used for the roof and boot due to the damage. The vehicle was then covered in a synthetic polymer sealant and topped up with a carnauba wax. The engine bay was degreased and cleaned along with other high traffic areas. Finally the interior was detailed and all surfaces including the leather protected. Overall the gloss levels of the vehicle were restored and the vehicle was brought back to showroom condition.

Time Taken: Approx 7 hours