Vehicle: 2001 HSV GTO

Package: Paint Correction + Gyeon Quartz Coating

Condition:  These vehicles were still painted with Holdens old single stage paint and therefore oxidised when exposed to the elements. Add to that it being red and you suddenly get a faded pink colour which looks very dull. The vehicle also had very bad black overspray throughout the paint which added to the dull look from the red. Numerous stickers were on the glass which left behind a “shadow” from the badly water marked glass.

Process: A lot of time was put into the prep work of this vehicle to ensure a glossy smooth surface for the Quartz coating to bond to. Two clay bars were used to remove all of the black overspray followed by multiple stages of paint correction to remove the top layer of oxidised paint. Being a single stage paint system this lead to every pad and towel going red. The glass was machine polished to remove the sticker shadows and all the badly etched water marks. Finally the vehicle was ready for a Gyeon Quartz coating with Prep, MOHS and Phobic being used in the process. No more oxidation for this GTO for a number of years!

Time Taken: Approx 20 hours