Detailing Packages

We offer a range of premium detailing treatments in our studio with packages to suit even the most fastidious owner. Our treatments have been evolved over the years to work with our “correct, protect and maintain” philosophy to ensure paintwork is cleaned and decontaminated adequately before any correction or protection treatments are undertaken, for maximum gloss levels to be achieved for each package. Our low volume vehicle approach means all our focus is on your vehicle for that day, with all of our packages including interior and exterior treatments. We use leading car care products from brands such as Gyeon, Swissvax, Menzerna, Rupes, Dodo Juice and more to achieve our results.

If you have any questions about coatings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ceramic Maintenance Detailing Package [Interior and Exterior]

For customers that have had a ceramic coating applied by us, or by another detailing studio, this package offers the correct maintenance procedure. We use a range of ceramic products to help improve the longevity of the coating.

 Interior thoroughly detailed to the same standard of the leather interior detailing package.
     Please see above package for full breakdown.

 Exterior of vehicle two bucket hand washed with Gyeon maintenance shampoo and a microfibre wash mitt.
     Correct washing procedure is done to prevent putting any swirl marks in the vehicle.

 A gentle claying of the vehicle is performed to decontaminate the surface.
     Clay bars remove built up contamination on the paintwork from general pollution found in the air.

 Wheels and tyres cleaned with a variety of brushes and tyres dressed with a water based tyre gel.
     Removes brake dust and tyre shine doesn’t splatter from the vehicle.

 Vehicle dryed with a plush microfibre drying towel and water blown out of vents and badges with heated air.
     A Metrovac air dryer is used for touchless drying in areas where water pools up.

 A ceramic booster is applied to the vehicle such as Gyeon Wet Coat to enhance the hydrophobic properties of the coating.
     Extends the life of the coating through correct maintenance by applying a fresh layer of silicon dioxide to the surface.

$300-$350 [1 day required]

Enhancement Detailing Package [Interior and Exterior]

If the paint is looking a little bit tired with some water marks, swirl marks or light oxidation it will need some machine polishing with abrasives to permanently remove these imperfections. This is our final package that we class as detailing before we start going into our more professional paint correction packages where things get a little more serious with how we treat the paintwork. We also put the vehicle on the hoist for the first time in this package to better clean the wheels, brakes and the insides of the wheel wells.

 Interior and exterior thoroughly detailed to the same standard as the Pre Sale Detailing Package.
     Please see above package for full breakdown.

 Vehicle is raised on our hoist and the wheels are removed for a deeper clean.
     With the wheels removed we can clean off old glue from wheel weights and tar splatter properly.

 A test spot is performed on the vehicle to determine an effective pad and polish combination.
     This is to select an effective polish that gives adequate cutting ability while still finishing off in a high gloss in a single step.

 Whole vehicle is machine polished with this pad and polish combination using a range of Italian Rupes machines.
     Will remove light swirl marks, light waters marks and minor paint imperfections to finish off in a high gloss.

 Vehicle is washed again to remove any polishing dust and polishing oils.
     Prepares the surface for it’s final stage of being protected.

 Paintwork is protected with a premium paint sealant for longer protection then a wax.
     Premium polymer sealants will usually give 6-12 months of elemental protection to the vehicle.

*Upgrading to a ceramic coating is optional for this package, instead of the polymer sealant. Please see our Ceramic Coatings page for details. Discounts apply for bundling any packages.*

$450-$600 [2 days required]