Ceramic (AKA Quartz) Coatings

We are proud to be one of only a handful of certified studios in Australia for Gyeon’s range of professional-only application Quartz coatings. Gyeon’s Japanese made silicon dioxide (also referred to in the industry as ceramic, nano or glass coatings) formula is one of the purest on the market and is used by most of the top detailing studios around the globe. These ceramic coatings offer the best possible form of chemical protection for your vehicle, with many amazing properties such as long lasting UV protection, incredible water beading and sheeting behaviours, a slick surface which helps to keep the car clean and also allows for easier washing and drying. At the same time these coatings give an amazing glass like gloss to the paintwork that can only be matched by very pure and expensive carnauba waxes. However Gyeon is not the only brand of coating that we offer as we have different treatments available for different price points.

Never heard of a ceramic coating before or are to confused about all the different options available in the market? Have a read through our spin-free tech article on this technology to see how it differs to waxes/polishes/sealants.

If you have any questions about coatings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Level 1 Ceramic Coating

Our entry level ceramic coatings are great for a long term protective alternative over a wax or sealant being applied to the vehicle. Their cost effective nature allow customers on a budget to step into the coating world with a range of brands offered by us, which have been tried and tested for many years. These coatings have a lifespan of 1-2 years and give great performance with easier maintenance on the vehicle while offering UV and chemical protection.

Coatings available to choose from: Gyeon Pure | Opticoat Gloss Coat | Nanolex Si3D

 Cost effective solution
 One layer application
 1-2 year lifespan

$399-$599 [1 day application]

*PLEASE NOTE* All Australian car dealerships that offer paint protection and apply in house (as opposed to outsourcing it through a detailing studio) offer a level 1 type of coating, or in some cases, not even as good as that. Level 1 coatings are not designed to be layered and don’t require any form of IR curing. Unfortunately the products being supplied through most dealership are Chinese made chemicals and are not the best quality, with many failing under 6 months. Just because you are told it has a “Lifetime warranty” and it is “stronger then a diamond” doesn’t mean it is true. We advise customers to please tread carefully in this department and do research as to what actual company is behind these products. We have a great article in our tech articles section that goes into more depth, should you require more technical details on this topic.

Level 2 Ceramic Coating

Gyeon MOHS+ has been our most trusted and popular professional coating that we have used. Onto it’s third generation now with Gyeon’s chemists upgrading the formula every few years, this two chemical compound launched a new base coat for 2018 called “Base” while still retaining the original top coat called “Phobic”. This coating has to be layered to bond properly and must be IR cured as well, hence it’s certified only application to ensure high standards are met.

 Two layer application
 Separate base coat and top coat applied
 IR curing used
 5+ year lifespan with a 5 year warranty
 Certified application only

$899-$1,099 [2 day application]

Level 3 Ceramic Coating

The newly launched Gyeon Dura Flex at SEMA 2017 is our flagship coating that we offer. This coating is for customers wanting the best and latest technology. A three step application is performed with Gyeon Primer being applied to the entire vehicle, followed by Gyeon’s new basecoat “Base” and finally Gyeon’s new top coat called “Flexi”. These are all new producs from Gyeon and is the latest evolution of silica protection technology coming out of South Korea and Japan.This coating has to be layered to bond properly and must be IR cured as well, hence it’s certified only application to ensure high standards are met.

 Three layer application
 Separate primer, base coat and top coat applied
 Gyeon’s latest technology top coat
 IR curing used
 5+ year lifespan with a 5 year warranty
 Certified application only

$1299-$1499 [2 day application]

Interior Protection

To protect your interior from spills, an interior protection package can be optioned with any ceramic paint protection package. Gyeon’s Leather Shield and Fabric Coat offers silicon dioxide technology to make interior spills easier to clean up and maximise stain protection. The seats of the vehicle and floor mats and protected with each corresponding product along with any leather parts of the interior (dash, door trims, centre console lid etc.). Prior to applying to leather, the leather is cleaned to remove dirt or any factory applied oils.


Wheels and Calipers

On many modern vehicles brake dust build on wheels can be a pain to keep clean, especially on any performance European vehicles which have aggressive brake pads for increased braking performance. A ceramic coating, designed for high heat applications (rated to 350 degrees), can be applied to the wheel faces and inside the barrels of the wheels to minimise the amount of brake dust that sticks to the surface. Cleaning of the wheels is also much easier with only a blast of high pressure water being needed in most situations. For application, the vehicle is lifted onto our hoist and all four wheels removed to be thoroughly cleaned, coated and IR baked.


Windscreen and Windows

A quartz based glass treatment can be applied to the outside of the vehicle, to provide an extremely hydrophobic layer to increase visibility during rain. The airflow over the vehicle at speeds over 50km/h causes the water beading to shoot of the windscreen allowing windscreen wipers to become much more effective and in certain situations not even required to be used. The other benefit is to minimise the possibility of water marks etching into the glass and make cleaning the glass easier to do. The coating will last 12 months on the windscreen and over 24 months on side and rear windows.