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Townsville’s premium detailing, paint correction and paint protection studio for customers demanding the highest level of service for their vehicle. The ATD studio is certified and factory trained in the application of Gyeon ceramic coatings and Xpel paint protection film along with a variety of professional services.

Car & Motorcycle Detailing – whether it is a pre-sale detail or an enhancement detail, we can make your vehicle look better then it ever has by offering extremely high quality and specialised packages.

Paint Correction – the process of removing paint imperfections such as swirl marks, holograms scratches through multiple stages of machine polishing to bring out maximum gloss and shine from the paintwork. Orange peel removal can also be achieved through varies stages of sanding and polishing to refine the surface of the vehicle.

Gyeon Quartz Paint Protection – one of the industries leading ceramic coating manufactures using the purest SiO2 out of Japan. Our studio is North QLD’s only certified applicator for Gyeon’s vast range of protective coatings with warranties up to 5 years.

Xpel Paint Protection Film – the clearest and most durable protective film on the market designed to protect against stone chips and scratches for the world’s finest vehicles. Made in Texas, Xpel’s film offers a self healing top coat and non yellowing adhesive and is backed with a 10 year warranty.

Headlight Restoration – reversing the damage caused by UV to poly-carbonate headlights is one of our specialties. We use a multiple stage approach to reverse the damage and protect them from future damage with an IR baked ceramic coating.

North QLD Tred Wear Distributor – official supplier of Tred Wear’s range of tyre letters and white walls.

Leading International Car Care Products – we carry some of the best car care products from all over the world and have Townsville’s biggest range of boutique car care products available for purchase.

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