Xpel Ultimate Self Healing Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Xpel Ultimate paint protection film (PPF) is a high tech, almost invisible, urethane film, designed to absorb impacts and scratches. The special nature of the film allows energy to disperse throughout the middle layer of the film, protect the paintwork underneath. This allows even quite strong impacts to not damage the vehicles paintwork. The top layer is a special self healing polymer which can re-level itself if scratched. This self healing process can be rapidly sped up by leaving the vehicle in direct sunlight or applying heat through other means such as a hair dryer or hot water.

With a thickness of 215 microns, it is over three times the thickness of many factory clear coats which protect your coloured base coat. Xpel is computer cut to shape using a vehicle database of over 80,000 patterns. Installations are backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

If you have any questions about coatings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Partial Front Kit

The partial front kit is the most popular installation due to being great value for money and covering the major frontal impact areas for stone chips. This kit is the modern day equivalent of the classic leather car bra option that used to be very popular 10-20 years ago. Unlike a leather car bra which looks ugly, over time leaves rub marks on the paintwork and can’t be left on the vehicle, a PPF car bra is virtually invisible and can be left on the vehicle for 10 years. While there is a slight line across the bonnet, it is only noticeable when standing a couple of metres from the vehicle and looking for it.

 Partial bonnet
 Partial guards
 Full bumper

$1,499 [2 day application]

Full Front Kit

For customers not wanting a line across the bonnet, the full front kit brings the installation all the way up to the windscreen and therefore the full bonnet and full guards are completely covered. This is a virtually an invisible installation on the vehicle.

 Full bonnet
 Full guards
 Full bumper

$2,499 [2 day application]

Full Vehicle Kit

If a vehicle has a difficult to match paint job on it or for a customer demanding the absolute best to protect their pride and joy, the entire vehicle can have Xpel applied to it. Pricing varies depending on vehicle size, complexity and if certain parts of the vehicle have to be dismantled and reasembled.

*Please note that full vehicle patterns are not available for every vehicle and are mostly designed for luxury and exotic cars.

 All painted panels

From $6,000 [4-5 day application]

Headlights and Foglights/DRLs

Clip on headlight protectors are becoming a thing of the past as headlights go away from reflector style housings with halogen bulbs to Bi-xenon, LED and laser technology headlights. The dirt build up on the inside of these clip on style protectors can cause light to scatter and can be difficult to constantly keep clean as the headlight washers built into most modern front bumpers can’t clean the inside of them. Protecting the headlights with Xpel PPF offers the same level of protection, however does not alter the light, is easy to clean and is completely invisible so doesn’t take away any aesthetics.

 Foglights and/or daytime running lights
 Any other forward facing lenses


Door Cups

Scratches from finger nails are common on nearly every car inside of the door cups. Eliminate the problem completely by installing a set of these.


Door Edges

Stop the edges of your door from getting chips. Very handy for back doors if small children frequent the vehicle!


Luggage Strip

The top of the rear bumper is often left scratched and chipped from groceries and luggage frequently catching on the end of it. Stop this from happening with this simple installation.


B Pillars

Many vehicles now have gloss black piano finish pillars separating the windows. These plastics are extremely soft and even on brand new vehicles on the showroom floor are covered in scratches. Since these pillars are not painted, with age the plastic deteriorates and goes dull. We highly recommend putting Xpel PPF on these pillars.