Vehicle: 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2

Package: Enhancement Detailing Package

Condition: Near new Gallardo in gorgeous pearl white!

Process: To remove most of the loose dust and dirt the vehicle was foam bathed and then high pressure washed. Following this a two bucket hand wash was done using Gyeon’s newly launched microfibre wash mitt. Finally the Lambo was patted dry using Gyeon’s newly launched microfiber drying towel. And we must say, what a towel! The paint depth was checked and the Gallardo received a light machine polish with Dodo Juice Lime Prime to cleanse the paintwork and prep it for the wax. The wax of choice is none other then Dodo Juice’s flagship, Supernatural. The exhaust tips were polished up using Purple metal polish and Gyeon Rim was applied to protect them. The wheels received the same Gyeon treatment including the tyres. Gyeon Tyre was used on the tyres and cured with a heatgun. This coating is dry to touch and does not flick off. The last thing you want down the sides of a white Lambo! Finally the full leather interior was treated using Duragloss Leather products.

Time Taken: Approx 6 hours