Vehicle: 2014 FPV GTF

Package: Paint Correction + Gyeon Quartz Coating

Condition: Some minor swirlmarks were present in the gloss black sections on the front bumper, rear spoiler and B pillars. The paintwork had some minor watermarks and minor swirlmarks. A deeper scratch was present on the front bumper.

Process: To start the wheels were deironised with Gyeon Iron followed by a heavy duty clean of calipers and tyres. Wheels and calipers were coated in Gyeon Rim and tyres coated in Gyeon Tire. Tires were then heated up with a heatgun to bake in the tyre gel.

The Paintwork was treated to a slightly alkaline foam bath followed by a two bucket hand wash. Paintwork was then clayed using Dodo Juice Clay and Lube. Vehicle was then dryed with warm air and plush microfibre drying towels. Delicate areas such as rubbers and plastics were taped up and a multiple stage paint correction was performed to each panel using Menznerna and Rupes pads and polishes to remove scratches, water marks, swirlmarks and some minor holograms. Finally Gyeon Prep isopropyl alcohol was used to clean the paintwork to ensure no polishing residue remained. Paint depth was checked before and after to ensure a safe correction was done.

Gyeon MOHS+ Quartz coating was applied over a 24 hour period with two layers of MOHS, one layer of Phobic and one layer of Cure.

The interior received a good vacuum and 1Z Cockpit Premium was used to treat internal plastics. The leather got a deep clean with Duragloss Leather Cleaner and was then protected with Gyeon Leathercoat. Alcantara surfaces were also cleaned using Autobrite Alcantara Cleaner.

For other external areas the exhaust tips were polished with steel wool followed by Purple Metal Polish and to finish it off the headlights were coated with Gyeon Trim.

Time Taken: Approx 17 hours (not including curing time)