Vehicle: 2001 Nissan R34 GTR

Package: Paint Correction

Condition: Unfortunately just because someone is a “professional” doesn’t always mean they are good at what they do. Take this R34 GTR for example that the unlucky owner had to take to numerous different spray painters to get the job done to an acceptable standard and this is what he unfortunately was left with. While holograms are cool on trading cards, they are not cool on your paint. This is where we stepped in to correct the shoddy work done by someone else.

The vehicle was covered in major swirl marks throughout the paintwork and had bad water etching on numerous panels. The bonnet had the most holograms throughout followed by the whole drivers side of the vehicle. Holograms are caused during machine polishing when either not done with correct technique, using dirty pads, using poor quality product or a mixture of all three.

Process: The vehicle was foam decontaminated to remove loose dust and dirt followed by a two bucket hand wash. To remove any overspray, the whole vehicle was clayed and then finally dried. All rubbers, plastics and badges were taped up to avoid getting damaged or white polishing residue on them during the paint correction stage. Using a paint depth gauge the panels were measured and it was found that the roof had a scary amount of paint left. Extra care had to be taken on the roof and heavy compounding was avoided in this area.

The vehicle was compounded using Menzerna FG500 on a rotary polisher followed by polishing with PF2500 using a DA polisher. Finally the paintwork was “jeweled” using SF4000 and an extremely soft Menzerna pad on a medium speed backing off pressure during the final pass. This was done to extract extra lustre from the paint.

Following paint correction the vehicle was covered in Duragloss’ bonding agent and Duragloss’ wet look sealant. The bonding agent is a fairly unique product from Duragloss as it is applied to the paintwork but not removed. The second product goes directly on top of the first and once dried they are removed together acting similar to a Part A/Part B epoxy. This gives the polymer sealant much longer durability.

The results were spectacular with a complete change in the way the vehicle looked. Extreme amounts of gloss and depth were achieved with an extremely wet mirror finish! Long live the mighty GTR!

Time Taken: Approx 20 hours