Vehicle: 2001 Mercedes CL55 AMG

Package: Paint Correction

Condition: You will notice in our packages we spend a lot of time in decontaminating the vehicle and this AMG was a perfect example why. Upon first inspection the swirl marks appeared to be quite minor for a vehicle its age; however with a proper examination it was discovered that the entire vehicle was covered in contamination from over spray, metal shavings and other fallout giving the car a grey/heavy metallic appearance and hiding the true damage (and colour) underneath.

Process: After a three stage decontamination (two chemical and one mechanical), immediately a change in vehicle depth and gloss was achieved before any paint correction was even performed. Remember, gloss is achieved by removing as many imperfections from the vehicle’s surface and leveling the paint, so prep work is key and why we spend so much time on these stages.

Time taken: Approx 12 hours